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Excellent Attorney – Highly Recommended

Ms. Crumiller assisted me in defending against an erroneous eviction proceeding. She was explanatory, communicative and easy to reach at all times during the process. Ms. Crumiller aggressively pursued a successful resolution to my case, and I was able to reach a satisfactory settlement with the landlord (due to longstanding issues with repairs).

I would recommend Ms. Crumiller to any tenant in NYC who needs an intelligent, formidable and responsible advocate.

Satisfied Client

Thorough thoughtful advice

Susan advised me on two different occasions with two different landlords, avoiding litigation in both cases.

In the first case, she talked me through my landlord’s refusal to deal efficiently with a persistent mouse problem. She helped me draft emails, advised me on memorializing in-person conversations, made sure I knew all of my options for taking action (with or without my landlord’s consent), and helped me keep my cool with a frustrating situation.

When I moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago, my new landlord decided to do a gut kitchen renovation without informing me, meaning that I could not occupy the apartment for an extra week. Susan once again talked me through emails and phone calls to resolve the situation and prorate my rent. We were able to work though the situation without going to court, which has helped me maintain a workable relation with both landlords. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Finally – A great lawyer

I hired Susan Crumiller for a delicate, emotionally and legally complicated landlord-tenant dispute involving my older sister, and from the moment she started working — on an urgent, time-sensitive motion, by the way — she re-defined my admittedly cynical view of what a lawyer could do, and actually renewed my faith in the possibilities of the profession. She was at once responsive to my needs and my sister’s needs — which were often at odds — and kept both of us informed as needed in every part of the process. She was tough when she had to be tough, and was forthcoming at every step — when there were procedural choices to be made she explained the potential consequences of each one, and provided thorough, unfailingly excellent advice that led to the best result possible in this particular case, both for my sister and for myself. Look up great lawyer in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Susan Crumiller.

Very Nice to Work With

Susan was very responsive to my case. Susan actually came to my apartment to check out the situation. I’m not sure how many lawyers would take time out of their day to check out the situation in person. She followed through with me and found services that I needed to use to solve the case.


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